Table lamps for hotel, bar and restaurant directly from the manufacturer

Table lamp manufacturerUPPERGLASS as a manufacturer of table lights offers a wide choice in table lamps and table lights in combination with glass and crystal. The main focus lies on to offer whole collections, so that you as an architect or hotel planner can also choose the suitable wall lamp, lobby lamp or floor lamp in addition to the table light you prefer. This is an enormously importantly item for the light planning of hotels to create an uniform optical stamp.

UPPERGLASS table lights originate in manual work in our glass manufacture in Bavaria. The glass parts are pressed, sharpened, polished and processed to table lamps.

These table lamps for hotel and gastronomy will support the optics of your interior impressively. Table lamps are an inalienable component in every hotel room and in every hotel suite. A suitable source of light create warmth and comfort. Due to a harmonious table light a room wins in atmosphere and this leads to the fact that guests stay with pleasure and feel fine. Crystal is a material which creates reflexions in connection with light. This magic builts a highlight at modern puristic design hotels as well as for a romantic ambience at classical hotels even in the switched off state, because the daylight is sufficient to bring to bear the glass in its precious facets.
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