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Visual Merchandising and shop decoration with crystal glass

Glass and glass hangings are very suitable for professional presentation of wares, exclusive decoration and shop-window dressing – UPPERGLASS as manufacturer serves the sector shop decoration customised and specificated for brands.

Catalogue – here you find an overview about our whole offer of shop decoration and glass curtains for Visual Merchandising and the professional goods presentation.

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Visual Merchandising UPPERGLASS

Visual Merchandising – glass and crystal create a unique atmosphere

The reflexions of a glass object and a glass installation generate a light play for feeling fine, relaxation, works and shopping. A conciously elected decoration of the shop-window and inside the retail shop puts your products capably in scene, inspires and puts optical accents. Crystal objects, glass curtains whether equipped with modern or traditional glass hangings are an eye-catcher for your customers. Public areas and shops receive an atmospheric and unique character – with the exclusive Crystal Glass Installations from UPPERGLASS.

Crystal curtains for shops, retail shops, restaurants, bars and hotels

As manufacturer we offer with our high-quality glass curtains a wide spectrum for the interior arrangement and decoration at hotel, bar and restaurant, as well as for Visual Merchandising in the sales. We offer especially for this sector various ceiling panels, lit up and unlit, which all can be combined with each other. These ceiling panels are draped customised with glass hangings. A huge number of various glass hangings are available in clear crystal and coloured glass.
We produce the glass curtains also according to the personal designs of the customer and by architectural demands – bespoke Design.

Polished glass looks always luxurious, therefore, it is very suitable as Shop decoration for exclusive fashion brands and for almost all shops in the premium segment. Jewellers and perfumeries prefer Glass Decoration as a shop-window decoration because of its noble appearance.

Shop Design of crystal glass directly from the manufacturer

Glass curtains excite an individual atmosphere to your retail shop. The reflexions of the glass influences the presentation of your wares, therefore it is important to find the suitable shop decoration. Your retail shop will emit exclusivity and will invite for staying and increases your purchase. A careful choice of the store decoration is worthwhile.

If requested we offer shop decoration and glass curtains completely by your personal wishes and ideas. So, for example, a special colour or outsize. Custom Design is our standart!

Glass decoration as an eye-catcher for your customer

Glass is a material which does not change about many years and keeps its destinctive charm. Glass is easy to clean and will not change its glance. That’s why it belongs to one of the most popular materials in the production of lighting. For a glass decoration the different glass kinds are decisive for the characteristic in use.

•    Crystal glass has a very high light refractive character. The glass decoration conjures lighting effects to your walls and becomes a piece of art.

•    Matted glass spends a pleasantly warm, vague light. Therefore, glass decoraton of opal glass are used often in subdued zones.

We as a manufacturer and our designers use the different qualities and colours of the glass to arrange quite various collections of glass decoration. From simple crystal balls and ellipses to polished or also varnished glass parts as components, we create true pieces of art of crystal decoration.

Shop decoration of glass conjures light plays in the space

Crystal Glass Decoration in retail shop inspires the customer. The facets and the structures of the glass throw their incomparable light play on the shop equipment, walls, ceiling and the presented products.
Glass Decoration from our traditional production have got a special craft refinement. In the glass production traditional hut technologies are used.

You have any questions to the order, to our glass decoration or you need an offer? We answer to you with pleasure, call us, send us an email – or simply use our inquiry form.

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