Hotel Light

Lamps and lights of glass directly from the lighting manufacturer

As manufacturer of glass lights we offer our own lighting collection, as well as customised production of glass and crystal lighting. Schöbel Crystal Glass offers lights and lighting concepts since 2000 under the brand UPPERGLASS.

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hotel light_sofa light glass_SOLID BALLS ONE

Hotel Light – Sofa Lamps

Hotel Light - Lighting Design Crystal Glass

Hotel Light – Lighting Design




















Hotel light – lighting for hotels, bars and restaurants directly from the manufacturer

As a manufacturer of qualitatively high-quality glass lamps and glass lights we closely work together with architects, hotel planners, light planners, interior decorators, lighting designers and lighting traders. UPPERGLASS produces a wide spectrum for the light planning at hotel, bar and restaurant.
For the public area we work out as lighting manufacturer also individual solutions according to the customers demands and according to architectural demands. Especially as hotel light for the lobby area UPPERGLASS creates glass objects in oversize which have special size or the demanded electrification, single unit production or quantity production to default are our standard.

Hotel light – table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps with the same design

UPPERGLASS as lighting manufacturer produces a wide spectrum for the light planning at hotel, bar and restaurant. We offer especially the hotel light series as light families – wall lamp, table lamp, sofa lamp, lobby lamp and floor lamp in the same design. We conceive ceiling lights in outsize ideally for hotel lobbies and halls together with the hotel planners, architects and interior decorators.

Hotel Light wall lamp glass_73050_Solid Balls One sHotel Light table lamp glass_75050_Solid Balls OneHotel Light sofa lamp glass_77050_Solid Balls OneHotel Light floor lamp glass_78050_Solid Balls One

Glass lights to measure – directly from the manufacturer

As a light manufacturer UPPERGLASS has got the possibly to confect light series as well as customised single lights. We dispose of a big choice in glass components, metal parts and lampshades for the light construction. Designers, architects and interior decorators can assemble themselves lights according to their project, choose suitable lampshades and elect the demanded wiring and electrification.

Hotel Light_Lighting ManufacturerHotel_Light_ManufacturerHotel Lighting Manufacturer_Schoebel Cristal GlassHotel_Lighting_Manufacturer

Lampshades for hotel, bars and restaurants

As lighting manufacturers we also offer lampshades which can also be ordered seperately.

Lampshades can also be produced custom-made, colour and design can be chosen freely.

UPPERGLASS offers lamp shades of cotton, of silk and of wild silk, suitably for all customary E27 versions. The table lamps and the wall lamps that UPPERGLASS offers are all equipped with E27 versions.

Hotel Light_Lampshade_black_35x20cm_cottonHotel Light_Lamp Shade_lilac_35x20cm_silkHotel Light_Lampshade_grey_16x16cm_silk_1Hotel Light_Lampshade_white_16x16cm_cotton

UPPERGLASS Glass lights – light and crystal create a unique atmosphere

The reflexions of a glass lamp generate glorious illumination effects for feeling fine, for relaxing and for excellent working atmosphere. A consciously elected lamp or light puts your living space in scene, inspires and puts optical accents. The crystal lights whether modern or traditionally are an eye-catcher. Public areas and living rooms receive an atmospheric and uncompareable character – with the exclusive crystal lights from UPPERGLASS.

Lamps and lights of glass – living space lights for body and soul

Glass lights send out an individual atmosphere to your living space. The right lighting influences your residential situation, therefore, it is important to elect the suitable lighting. With convenient wall lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps you feel comfortable, relaxed and motivated. Your home emits cosiness and invites for staying. Therefor a careful choice of the lights is worthwhile.

We offer to you lampshades and lights to your personal wishes and ideas. So, for example, shades covered with your own material, a special colour or outsize for a lamp.

Glass and light – crystal lights as an incomparable eye-catcher

Glass is a material which does not change about many years and keeps it´s own charm. Glass is easy to clean and will not change it´s form again. That’s why it belongs to one of the most popular materials in the production of lights. For a light different glass kinds can be used which are decisive then for the use.

•    Crystal glass has very light-refractive qualities. The light conjures lighting effects to your walls and for this reason it becomes the true piece of art.

•    Matted glass, however, e.g., provides for a pleasantly warm, vague light. Therefore, lights of opal glass are often used in bedrooms or sitting rooms.
We as a manufacturer of lighting and our designers use the different qualities and colours of the glass to assemble quite varying light collections. From simple glass ball and glass cubes, about polished or also varnished glass parts as components, we create true pieces of art.

Lamps of glass conjure an exciting interplay of light

Lamps of glass inspire the viewer. The grinding and the structures of the glass throw their fascinating play of light on piece of furniture, walls and covers.
Lamps and lights of crystal glass from our traditional production own a special craft refinement. Thus traditional hut technologies are used in the glass production.
Do you have questions to our lamps or do you need an offer? Simply, nevertheless, call us, send us an email – or simply use our inquiry form.
We are looking forward to hear from you – your UPPERGLASS – Team

Table Lamps

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Floor Lamps

  Floor lamps of glass – for hotel, lobby, bar and restaurant UPPERGLASS floor lamps of glass and crystal will support the optics of your hotel interior impressively. Floor lamps are an indispensable component in every hotel lobby and in every hotel suite, because nice and suitable sources of light bring the rooms to bear. By …

Lobby Lamps

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Wall Lamps


Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling lamps draught – for hotel, lobby, bar and restaurant We offer various ceiling panels combinable to each other which are equipped then with the desired glass elements, you yourselve choose length and form of the glass hangings. Thus rooms can be equipped with the suitable ceiling lamp especially according to the architectural circumstances concerning …

Lamp Shades

                                Lampshades for hotel bars and restaurants As manufacturers of lights we also offer lamp shades that fits to our glass lamps. The lamp shades can also be ordered independently without lights. Interesting for hospitality is the possibility to order individualised …

Wiring and Wire Sets

The wiring and the electrification of the UPPERGLASS HOTEL LIGHT occurs especially at the respective demands of the customer. Also the cable lengths are according to the customers demands.   WIRING WITH EURO STANDARD PLUG (A) E27 plastic lamp holder with additional chrome cap, transparent two wire sets with cable switch on transparent EURO-plug. Length app. …