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Ceiling Lamps

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Ceiling lamps draught – for hotel, lobby, bar and restaurant

We offer various ceiling panels combinable to each other which are equipped then with the desired glass elements, you yourselve choose length and form of the glass hangings. Thus rooms can be equipped with the suitable ceiling lamp especially according to the architectural circumstances concerning size and length. These demands often appear with stairwells and foyers like hotel lobbies. For this demands Schöbel Crystal produces ceiling lamps, that have outsize and the desired height – up to 10-m height – individual production as a standard without specially surcharge.

Hotel Ceiling Light Concept_bespoke_chandelier

Ceiling lamps of glass – for hotel, lobby, bar and restaurant

UPPERGLASS ceiling lamps of glass and crystal will support the optics of your hotel interior impressively. Ceiling lamps are an indispensable component in every hotel lobby and in every hotel suite, because nice and suitable sources of light bring the rooms to bear. By a harmoniously looking ceiling light a room wins in atmosphere and this leads to the fact that your guest stays with pleasure and feels fine.

Glass and crystal are materials which emit magic by the reflexions in connection with light. This effect creats a highlight for a modern puristic interior of design hotels as well as for a romantic ambience at traditional hotels. Even in the switched off state, because the daylight is quite enough to bring to bear the glass in its the nicest facets. A crystal hotel light is an object that mystifies your guests during day and at night.

UPPERGLASS Hotel Light originate in our glass manufacture in Bavaria. The glass parts are pressed, sharpened, polished and processed to lights. The craft skill in the processing of the glass is a technical skill which is based on old tradition which we connect with fashion, lifestyle and trends. These lamp collections are developed by designers like Peter Hunt and Berlin SASCH who stand for a contemporary design combined with a high technical functionality.

UPPERGLASS offers a wide variety of crystal glass lights. The main focus lies on offering whole light collections, so that you can also choose the suitable wall lamp, table lamp or lobby lamp in addition to the ceiling lamp you prefer. This is very important for the light planning of hotels.

From the simple models up to the exclusive ceiling lamps which attract immediately the attention of the viewer – with UPPERGLASS you certainly find the suitable ceiling lamp or ceiling light installation which will put your hotel properly in scene.

Customised design of ceiling lamps

UPPERGLASS offers architects, interior decorators and light planners a big variety in ceiling lights for hotel, restaurant and bar. The design of the hotel ceiling lights is customised in many cases. The customised adaptation in our manufacturing is possible with single lamps, as well as with high quantities. The height of the ceiling lamp, the colour of the glass and the choice of the single glass elements can be adapted to the demands of the customer. Have a look on the subject Ceiling Lighting also at our especially developed Ceiling Light Concept.

Wiring and electrification of UPPERGLASS ceiling lamps

The ceiling lamps for hotels are electrified especially to customers demands. Besides the architectural demands are considered. Further exists the choice between light switch and dimmer.

The illuminant is also eligible. Though halogen lamps are bright, however, emit a huge heat. Therefore, we also offer LED for these ceiling lamps. The ceiling lamps are either with LED lamps, low energy lamps or also with halogen available.

Ceiling lamps of glass are especially easy-care

At hotels cleanness has top priority. UPPERGLASS ceiling lamps are quality products and can be cleaned very simply and this is an important criterion for the personnel expenditure at hotels.

Ceiling lamps of glass: The intended purpose

Light is our main elixir of life. It serves not only the orientation at night, at the same time it also promotes the well-being. Ceiling lamps are the essential part of the whole hotel lighting.

Ceiling lamps serve the better illumination of a certain places, for example of the hotel lobby.

In every large room at least 4 light atmospheres should exist. Ceiling lamps emphasize the expanse of a room. If a ceiling lamp in combination with a table light is lighting the room, both together create a pleasant and quiet atmosphere. In the hotel room the ceiling lamp is used as a primary source of light. But they are also often appropriated in the restaurant, in the dining room or in halls and stairwells. Because especially stairwells, for example, disposes of a big ceiling height, a ceiling lamp right here can be used as a primary source of light.

Ceiling lamps in public rooms: The advantage

Ceiling lamps are especially well suited when in certain rooms is not enough place to accommodate for example a floor lamp somewhere. However, with a ceiling lamp rooms can be illuminated extensively. They are very practical because they are not especially remarkable on the one hand and still create clear lighting conditions and put accents.

Ceiling lamps of glass: The variations

UPPERGLASS ceiling lamps can be used at hotels as main light source, as working light and also as decorative light in the hotel room.
Further UPPERGLASS offers ornamentally formed ceiling lamps of glass. These serve rather a gentle lighting while dining or while watching television. The lights UPPERGLASS collection enclose also skilfully formed ceiling lamps that are used to decorate certain areas at hotels and restaurants.

Get an overview about the gigantic offer of lights for hotel, lobby, bar and restaurant.