Hospitable atmosphere with glass lights

Hotel Light_Table Lamp Glass_75257 BowBar, restaurant, hall, foyer or room – attractive lights move the guest in the right light. Lights of crystal glass create a pleasant atmosphere and put the entire ambiance in scene. Brilliance of the all time fascinating material provide esteem and discretion. UPPERGLASS offers as a manufacturer of hotel lights a harmoniously extensive collection in table lights, wall lamps and ceiling lamps. The new on-line platform allows to the restaurateur the comfortable direct order in the on-line shop with single lights or customised production with delivery if the whole house should be equipped. As a service a professional consultation is offered by phone or e-mail.

Made in Germany: The complete collection is made in the Schöbel Crystal Glass manufacture in  Bavaria. The glass enterprise maintains for three generations the hotel of traditional glass processing. The range of products of our glass manufacture encloses with the main focus Lights beside the topical lifestyle collection also traditional chandelier hangings. In modern interpretation and by unconventional combinations these sparkling arrangements experience currently a Renaissance – from the international Hotellerie, over cruise ships up to the noble shop design. The handmade light installations with their amusing play of the reflective crystals influence the ambience individually. Due to manufacturing special implementation and customer solutions is possible.

Total view collection UPPERGLASS hotel lights