Hotel Lighting for Design Hotels

Hotel Light Design_Ceiling light_Chandelier_coffinThe english designer Peter Hunt has created a modern interpretation of the noblest of all lights. The glass installation is called Chandelier Coffin.

The single glass crystals of an apparently shattered chandelier lie loose unarranged in a flat glass container – the association to the name-giving coffin is obvious. The crystal staging is woken to the life by four cover emitters, the countless facets break the light, the glitter and sparkle fulfils the whole space with beaming shine.

The Eyecatcher surprises over and over again anew and lends character and noblesse to every room. Every light is a unique specimen and is arranged by hand.

Seal of quality – Made in Germany
The spectacular ceiling lamp is made in the Schöbel Crystal Glass manufacture in Warmensteinach/north Bavarians. The glass company maintains the classical art craft treatment for three generations.



Hotel Lighting Design_Ceiling Light_Chandelier_CoffinThe range of products of the glassworks encloses with the main focus on lighting, traditional chandelier parts, just as the topical lifestyle collection. Architects, designers and outfitters of international hotels and cruise ships estimate the handmade glass lights with their amusing play of the reflective crystals.

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