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Hospitable atmosphere with glass lights

Hotel Lichtt_Tischleuchte Glas_75257 Bow

Bar, restaurant, hall, foyer or room – attractive lights move the guest in the right light. Lights of crystal glass create a pleasant atmosphere and put the entire ambiance in scene. Brilliance of the all time fascinating material provide esteem and discretion. UPPERGLASS offers as a manufacturer of hotel lights a harmoniously extensive collection in …

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Designer Table Lamp PAWN

Designer_Glass Table Lamp_PAWN

Light designers realise ideas with UPPERGLASS Game – light. The classical play Ludo stood for the table light Pawn of the English designer Peter Hunt who brought to fruition some of his luminous ideas with UPPERGLASS. This unconventional light object fascinates by its pure form which is derived from the geometrical bodies ball and cone. …

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Hotel Lighting for Design Hotels

The english designer Peter Hunt has created a modern interpretation of the noblest of all lights. The glass installation is called Chandelier Coffin. The single glass crystals of an apparently shattered chandelier lie loose unarranged in a flat glass container – the association to the name-giving coffin is obvious. The crystal staging is woken to …

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